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One thing we don’t learn in medical school is how to run a business. Which means that we don’t learn about investing and creating new income streams. For Dr. Jeffrey Anzalone this became a problem, right out of school.

The job that he thought was his was ripped out from under him which left him with a 2 month old, $300k in debt, a new home loan, and no way to pay anything. He did get back on his feet, but he realized how important it was to address the huge amounts of debt that doctors take on to learn about their field.

It wasn’t until he injured his right hand many years later that he realized the impact of not having multiple income streams. He was faced with his own mortality and knew that he wouldn’t necessarily always be able to provide with his main income.

Listen as he shares his journey into learning more about passive income and creating multiple income streams. This concept is so important for all adults but very important for doctors.

Have you considered a way to build passive income into your life?

“Everybody is walking around with a problem and if you can figure out a solution to that problem and it’s something that you like, that's where you need to start.” Dr. Jeffrey Anzalone

In this episode:

[01:24] Welcome to the show, Dr. Anzalone!

[01:55] Dr. Anzalone shares his background and how he is living the dream.

[02:34] Listen, as Dr. Anzalone discusses the journey to where he is now financially.

[08:42] Dr. Anzalone discusses the things he wants anyone listening to this podcast to walk away with.

[10:50] Dr. Anzalone shares a study he read about how much money you need to retire and continue your current lifestyle.

[13:22] He speaks about some other ways you can have passive income.

[17:55] Dr. Anzalone believes that the way he is investing now allows you to do what you want to do.

[19:05] Dr. Anzalone talks about what he would say to the risk-averse person who is listening.

[21:27] If you are interested in learning how to create multiple passive income streams, go to www.debtfreedr.com/freeguide.

[21:53] Thank you for being on the show!

[24:18] Your kick of encouragement.

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