236: Stress Relief with Dr. Leslie Koenig


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Becoming a doctor means dealing with stress all day every day as you work to help better your patient’s lives. As you well know, it starts while you’re in school and typically just escalates as you start building out your life and practice. So what’s the best way to deal with stress and making sure that you don’t reach a place of burnout?

For Dr. Leslie Koenig stress relief equals being mindful of her energy and her brain space and meditating to stay in a place of flow.

She didn’t always think that meditation was going to be the key for her. In fact for many years she was extremely skeptical of the practice. But as her stressors increased she found herself looking for a quiet space to just breathe and the meditation techniques that she learned helped move her through.

Listen as she shares her experience being one of the first physicians in her area exposed to Covid and why it was the catalyst for her creating her Stress Relief Survival Guide. This was an amazing conversation with a fantastic physician and person and if you’ve been feeling the cold claws of stress, you won’t want to miss it.

In this episode:

[01:47] Welcome to the show, Dr. Leslie Koenig!

[02:03] Dr. Koenig shares her background and what she is doing today.

[03:12] Listen as Dr. Koenig speaks about why she chose the stress relief as her words.

[06:36] Dr. Koenig talks about the Stress Relief workbook she wrote.

[09:39] She gives a rundown of the video course she made.

[13:24] We chat about imposter syndrome.

[16:45] Dr. Koenig believes that the focus is on the doctor you need to be instead of the doctor's health.

[19:43] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[22:54] Your kick of encouragement.

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