237: Solocast - Get Off The Hamster Wheel of Hustle Culture


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It is okay to say no. It is a complete sentence and it is fully within your right to tell others no when you’re being asked to do things that do not serve you. Which is why I’m sharing my tips and tricks for canceling the hustle culture and taking better care of yourself.

It is okay for you to do anything you need to do to protect your peace, safety, freedom, autonomy, and your bank account. You should be prioritizing those people who are meaningful and important in your life. Hint: one of those people should be you.

So it is okay for you to say no.

You also need to drop the excuses. We make so many excuses for why we allow others to impede in our lives and our careers when they have no business being there. Listen as I share my list of excuses that you can no longer use.

It’s never too late to make the changes you want to see in yourself and your life. If you’re done with the hustle culture and ready to start feeling more fulfilled in your work and life, then listen in and start taking steps to make this life your best life.

“Hustle and burnout culture keep us from our truest fulfillment.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[01:51] Get off the hamster wheel! Learn ways to get off and stay off.

[05:13] It is ok to do whatever you need to do to protect your peace, your safety, your freedom, your autonomy and your bank account.

[06:29] No more excuses! My list of excuses that you can’t use anymore.

[09:22] You are never too late to make the changes you want to see in your life.

[13:37] Hear a story about a friend of mine that used her rent money to invest in herself.

[19:46] I believe that a no just means not right now.

[21:26] Thank you for listening!

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