238: Money Stories with Dr. Latifat Akintade


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We all have money stories. The stories we tell ourselves about money, our beliefs around money, and how we are meant to feel and deal with money. Listen to learn how your money stories may be affecting your income and your life and you can make huge changes to both.

Dr. Latifat went into medicine because she knew she wanted to help others, but what she found was a broken system filled with people chained by debt. After taking a look at her own finances she realized that she wanted more.

She now helps women physicians become financially fit so that they can practice with love and intention rather than cycle through burnout and stress. What does it all come down to? Your money stories.

Many of us have a terrible relationship with money and it comes from deep within our psyche and how we are raised to think about money. Once you shift your thoughts on your money stories you can truly find the way to freedom and abundance.

Listen in to learn all about money, the stories we tell ourselves, and why it’s so important to shift your mindset before trying to shift your habits.

“Money is almost never the problem.” Dr. Latifat Akintade

In this episode:

[01:26] Welcome to the show, Dr. Latifat!

[01:53] Dr. Latifat shares her background and her journey to where she is today.

[04:39] Dr. Latifat discusses getting educated on her financial situation and getting into the mindset of taking care of her money.

[06:23] Dr. Latifat chats about why she picked the words money stories.

[10:35] Listen as Dr. Latifat discusses working with high income earners that don’t believe they are enough.

[12:16] Money should be used as a tool that augments your life.

[13:44] “Your inherent worth is not your net value.”

[14:50] Dr. Latifat speaks about teaching people the skills to assess yourself and handle money.

[16:24] Dr. Latifat shares the first step to gain control of your money.

[21:58] You need to call Dr. Latifat, set up a discovery call, and get your money in order.

[25:41] Your kick of encouragement.

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