246: 4thTrimester Renaissance with Dr. Sonal Patel


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When it comes to postnatal care, the United States healthcare system has a lot of catching up to do. The fact that we have one of the highest maternal and infant death rates of any 1st world country is evidence of that. Dr. Sonal Patel recognized this fact and is doing her part to serve new moms and babies in her community to the highest standard.

Dr. Patel has built an in-home private postpartum care practice that sees mom and baby together, in the comfort of their own home. She has taken the 4th trimester by the horns and made sure that the stress of having just had a baby and all that comes with it is lessened significantly.

That isn’t where she started though. Listen as she shares her story and why she realized that holistic postpartum care was her calling.

The maternal mortality rate is a significant indicator of the health of a nations’ economy. Why our country isn’t more focused on the health and wellness of our moms is a mystery, but we as doctors can certainly make it more of a priority.

Listen in to learn everything you’ve wanted and needed to know about the 4th trimester and how we as doctors play a part in making it a better experience for new moms in our communities.

“When you look at all of us, we have so much more to bring to the table than just the medicine aspect of it.” Dr. Sonal Patel

In this episode:

[03:05] Welcome back to the show, Dr. Patel!

[03:39] Dr. Patel shares her background and her 4th Trimester program.

[05:24] Listen as Dr. Patel speaks about how her company has evolved over the past two years.

[08:28] Dr. Patel chats about what her word renaissance means to her.

[11:14] Dr. Patel talks about some amazing things that are happening for her in 2021.

[14:50] Dr. Patel believes that instead of talking about the bad stuff that happens and no one celebrates the victories they have in the medical field.

[18:26] You’re not doing it alone, you are building a team around you.

[19:54] Dr. Patel shares awareness and research around the 4th trimester and the maternal mortality rate.

[23:01] Having a child is one of the biggest transitions a woman can have.

[25:41] Dr. Patel speaks about the first few weeks after giving birth and all the things that a new mom has to do around her and her infant's care.

[27:17] Dr. Patel believes the 4th trimester needs to be treated like every other trimester during pregnancy.

[28:17] Dr. Patel talks about NayaCare, her company that brings medical care to new mothers and infants in their own home.

[31:49] Thank you so much for coming on the show!

[33:38] Your kick of encouragement.

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