252: Life After 50 with Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay


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Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to become any less interesting or badass. Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay is an Ob-Gyn and she spent a great deal of her time helping women who were moving into their fifties and owning it. Listen as she shares why she believes in the “fuck-it 50s” and how getting older is a good thing!

After 25years of practice, Dr. Alley-Hay turned in her white coat and started helping women in a whole new way. She is now a life coach and travels the world providing care and guidance to women in other countries.

She has also been published in various medical publications and she’s become a Reiki Master and works with energies of health and wellbeing.

Overall she is dedicated to the betterment of care for women across the world and has a goal to live in a world where all babies are born into love and safety. But much of this didn’t occur until AFTER she reached 50.

I wanted to have her on because as I approach my 40s I’ve become more and more nervous about whether or not I’ll still be able to rock the badassery. Because of Dr. Alley-Hay, I absolutely believe I will. How about you? Do you have concerns about getting older? Listen in and be inspired.

“Working towards a world where all babies are born into love and safety.” Dr. Alley-Hay

In this episode:

[03:33] Welcome to the show, Dr. Alley-Hay!

[07:51] Listen as Dr. Alley-Hay discusses her time in India.

[11:08] Why she chose her words.

[13:17] Dr. Alley-Hay shares her mission statement.

[16:32] What she sees holding women back.

[18:26] You have to take care of yourself first.

[21:26] The most important thing with coaching is having a place to be heard.

[23:24] Let’s get into my kick of encouragement.

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