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This is not a political episode… I don’t care where you fall on the issue of student loans, but I DO care about how you relate to your student loans. So often I hear people take on personal identifiers when they talk about their student loans. It’s as if the loan itself has some sort of hold over our identity.

Things I’ve heard, and thought, in relation to student loans:

  • If I leave medicine then I’m breaking a promise that I made when I signed the promissory note…
  • If I leave, then I’m weak.
  • If I leave, then how will I pay these back.
  • I got the loans, so I have to stay and suffer until I pay them back.

But here’s the thing, your student loans and the officers that manage them, don’t have any emotion tied to them. You either pay them back, or you don’t. There is no morality in a piece of paper being written to pay for your education.

So I wanted to bring this up because our thoughts around student loans are damaging and in many ways, contribute to the burnout culture that we live in. Just because you have student loans does not mean that you are a bad person or that you deserve to suffer.

Want to hear more? Listen in and start making strides to separate the emotion from the money. Because in the grand scheme of things, that loan is there. You will pay it off. It doesn’t matter if you’re in medicine, it will get done. But are you willing to give up by focusing on this mountain of debt?

“Somewhere along the way we have made student loans mean something morally about us.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[02:52] Today we are talking about student loans and how they perpetuate your burnout.

[04:14] I want to get into the thoughts we have around student loans because they are damaging.

[06:56] When we are wrestling with the student loan question they are usually wrapped up in, did I make a mistake becoming a doctor?

[10:21] I had a hard time deciding to quit my job with the student loans still hanging over my head until the wonderful Mr. Weisman shared his wisdom.

[11:20] Welcome your thoughts in and invite them to sit down and have a drink.

[12:34] I want you to just do the math and find the facts over the feelings.

[15:32] My last tip is to own it all.

[17:00] Don’t be held down by preconceived thought distortions.

[18:17] Thank you for listening!

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