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What do you do after building your own businesses for over 30 years? Share the knowledge with others coming up behind you. That’s exactly what Kc Rossi is doing now. After starting and ending multiple businesses, she realized that she loved helping others to do the same in a way that aligned with their soul purpose.

She’s here today to share why it’s important to actually implement what you’ve learned in courses, life, and business. Self-leadership means you take all the theory that you’ve learned and start to create daily habits that help you make a positive change.

You don’t need someone elses process to get started. Instead align with your own rules and blueprint and become the trendsetter yourself. Fear holds so many of us back, but the best way to beat the fear is to just go ahead and take action.

Listen as Kc chats about our tendency to compare ourselves to others and how that process is actually holding us back. Your soul is unlike anyone else’s, so comparison doesn’t serve you. We’re digging deep today! You definitely won’t want to miss it!

Also, I was recently on Kc’s podcast too! Head here to check it out.

“I am a forever learner and I really ended up on kind of a course carousel taking one certification program after another and really was like what am I going to be when I grow up.” KC Rossi

In this episode:

[02:36] Welcome to the show, KC!

[02:48] KC shares what she does and the magic she puts out in the world.

[04:13] The transition to coaching.

[06:36] Why she chose the word self-leadership.

[09:33] Compare and despair: it doesn’t lead to a flourishing life or business.

[11:17] Her view on social media and why she is a fan of digital minimalism.

[15:00] I’m thinking about moving off social media and not doing FB ads.

[17:59] “Do what lights you up and when it’s not juicy anymore, give yourself permission to pivot.”

[18:28] She has a podcast too! Learn more!

[20:56] Thank you so much for listening!

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