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Have you ever thought to yourself, maybe I’m just meant to be an entrepreneur? Me personally, I didn’t until I stepped out and realized what it was about being an employee that made me so unhappy. I need to do my own thing, make my own rules, and have my own impact. Sound familiar?

Shannon Claire has always been a rebel and it’s her out of the box way of thinking that has served her well in the entrepreneurial world. After becoming a teen mom, building a family, having that family torn apart, and finding herself as a business owner, she has a lot to share!

You don’t have to feel shame for wanting more. She felt trapped by her faith in a marriage that was toxic and abusive, but she finally found her way out and is now thriving.

We had an amazing discussion about her journey, the pivots she’s made, and why defiance has served her well. Despite having children early she still made her dreams a reality and is now reaping the rewards of perseverance and finding strength in herself.

Listen in to learn more about Shannon’s journey and why she is now so passionate about helping other women to rise up and seek their own purpose.

“I want to live in a world where women don’t feel shame for wanting more.” Shannon Claire

In this episode:

[02:18] Welcome to the show, Shannon!

[02:27] Learn about her background and what she brings to the world.

[04:38] She shares why she chose the word entrepreneur.

[06:49] All about her entrepreneurial journey.

[11:13] Your ideal client is often you, a couple of years ago.

[11:48] Her experience getting married right out of high school.

[13:37] She was trapped by faith and was repeatedly told to stay in the marriage.

[18:46] What she’s doing now.

[20:43] She learned the power of her mind when she was in the abusive relationship.

[22:28] The first step to curating the life you want is clarity.

[22:59] Thank you for being on the show!

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