268: Solocast - Feeling Unsafe is Not Imposter Syndrome


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I have talked about imposter syndrome on the show many times before, but I was having a conversation with my mastermind ladies and someone brought it up in a whole new way. So I knew I had to come on and discuss it again but in a different light.

Part of impostor syndrome is 100% negativity bias. It’s our deep brain trying to keep us safe and keep us from taking too many risks with our health and our decisions. However, there’s a whole other area of impostor syndrome that is actually a lack of feeling safe in the work environment.

For instance, if you’re surrounded by a racist, sexist, toxic group of people who are constantly talking down to you and treating you as less than, wouldn’t you feel like you had no place there?

Of course you would. Now I’m not a DEI expert by any means, but this conversation opened my eyes to a new realm of thought regarding our place in the workforce. Generations of trauma have been handed down by the patriarchy and now we have the task of changing the narrative.

Listen in to hear more about the conversation we had, and then reach out! Let me know if you have ever felt unsafe in the workplace?

“Imposter syndrome is feelings of inadequacy despite evident success.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[02:25] Welcome to this super sassy solocast about imposter syndrome.

[03:19] Negativity bias is another form of imposter syndrome.

[04:09] I share a conversation I had with a group of ladies in medicine the other day.

[06:32] Think about all the conscious and subconscious ways the patriarchy has made us feel like we don’t belong in the room, that we are unsafe.

[09:48] The majority of the time it’s looked at like a personnel issue, not an institution issue.

[10:48] Step one to determine whether it’s imposter syndrome or an unsafe feeling is having someone you can bounce your thoughts off on in a safe place.

[11:22] The second tip is inclusion.

[11:50] Step three is to keep going.

[14:36] Thank you for listening!

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