271: Fulfillment with Dr. Jennifer Variste


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What do you do when you’re living your life’s passion, but you still feel unfulfilled? Expand on that passion. Dr. Jennifer Variste absolutely loves being a pediatrician. She’d dreamt of it since she was a little girl, but she knew that she was meant for more so she set out to find fulfillment.

After medical school, she and her husband settled down outside of Houston, TX, but the pediatric jobs weren’t there. Rather than spend all of her time commuting, she set out to build her very own brand. A brand that she takes with her to every job she now gets.

During this time she was also diagnosed with a disorder that caused her scalp to create scar tissue, which affected her ability to grow her hair. A friend of hers was working in a network marketing company that had supplements that could help, so she tried it out.

The pharmaceuticals she was taking were doing some terrible things to her body so she figured what was the harm in trying a natural supplement?

Turns out there was no harm. She now has a full head of natural hair because the supplements worked so well, so she started sharing her story and working within the company. She realized that what she loved about pediatrics was the connection she had with her patient’s moms.

What better way to connect than by helping their children while also encouraging them to take care of themselves? Listen in to hear her full story and then take a minute to click below and connect. She is building a beautiful dream and it’s one that we can all learn from.

“Go for your dreams, the opinions of others will not give you fulfillment.” Dr. Jennifer Variste

In this episode:

[02:10] Welcome to the show, Dr. Variste!

[02:37] Dr. Variste shares her background and what she is putting out in the world.

[06:29] Why she chose the word fulfillment.

[09:02] Dr. Variste speaks about her Pediatric practice.

[13:57] Her brand goes with her and it doesn’t matter where she practices.

[14:45] Why you shouldn’t let fear hold you back.

[18:31] The fear will never go away, it’s just a part of the orchestra.

[21:02] How a personal medical condition led to one of the greatest opportunities of her life.

[26:19] There are so many great aspects of having the home business and having her own brand.

[27:40] She connects with her patient's mom, which is where her passion lies.

[29:25] A little advice for the listeners.

[31:28] Thank you for being on the show!

[33:33] Your kick of encouragement. Links and Resources

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