#255: A Little Less Toxic with Shawna Holman sponsored by Active Skin Repair


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In this week’s episode, Dr. Elana interviews Shawna Holman, creator of the popular brand, A Little Less Toxic. Shawna is a wife, mom, and credentialed teacher. She uses her teaching skills to homeschool her two little ones along with teaching them and anyone interested in how to live a little less toxic. Her motto is “one day, one product, one meal at a time.”

One of the low toxic brands Shawna loves to teach about happens to be one of our podcast partners, Active Skin Repair. In today’s episode, she will share with you how she uses Active with her family and why she loves to share this great company with her large following of avid moms who want to live a little less toxic!

We are grateful for Active Skin Repair to help make these episodes possible. Shawna, Steph, and I all use Active in our own homes with our family members and love it. We stand behind the products we recommend and this one is so easy for us to share because it has become a staple in our medicine cabinets and we want you to know about it!

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In this episode, Shawan answers community questions and shares her philosophy and tips about what you can start doing today to live a little less toxic!

Topics Discussed:

  • What does living less toxic mean
  • Who can benefit from living a little less toxic
  • Where can someone start if they had to prioritize and on a budget
  • A few tips for making the change or sticking with it
  • Why Shawna loves Active Skin Repair and how she uses it with her family and community
  • Answers to community questions about nontoxic cookware, laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, and more!

Show Notes:

I'm a wife, mom, friend and more. I'm a credentialed teacher staying home with my little ones, teaching them and anyone interested how to live a little less toxic. One day, one product, one meal at a time.

This Episode’s Sponsors

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