104: Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: Integration and Action, Our Cultural View on Drugs, Finding Self and Working with Trauma with Lauren Taus of Inbodied Life


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“More than half the people in the US don’t have a person they can call if they’re in crisis - we’re not sharing authentically”

How ketamine psychotherapy helps us connect with ourselves and integrate into the human experience we’re collectively having.


  • 8:45 Who psychotherapy might be helpful to
  • 13:47 Ketamine psychotherapy and legal psychedelic therapy in the US
  • 19:28 In a world obsessed with self - we’re really not doing well
  • 33:13 Psychedelic: what exactly does it mean and what is it like to experience
  • 44:13 The ketamine psychotherapy treatment process

Guest: Lauren Taus

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