Ep. 41: Conflicting Policy Responses to Violence with Tasseli McKay, Research Triangle Institute


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In our first episode recorded in coronavirus separation, Chris speaks with Tasseli McKay, a social science researcher in the division for applied justice research at Research Triangle International. They discuss the most common acts of violence: partner violence; and the interplay of family violence in the context of mass incarceration. Tasseli notes how government systems, often at odds with each other, economically hobble families and are dangerous in other ways. They discuss how programs need to understand the different causes of violence and design programs accordingly. Tasseli also praises her community partners' vast knowledge, which makes her work possible and meaningful. Tasseli McKay is a social science researcher with more than a decade of experience in public health research. Ms.McKay’s research examines intimate partner violence in marginalized communities, couple and family relationships in the context of justice system involvement and strategies for improving health coverage and access to care among justice-involved persons. She has extensive experience in study design and instrument development, qualitative and quantitative analysis and dissemination of findings through articles, issue briefs, technical reports and presentations. Doing Translational Research is produced by Carrie Chalmers.

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