‘KANGAROO FABRIC’ (GoldLink Disses Sheck Wes, VERZUS Announces Eve Vs Trina + Bow Wow Vs Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg Appointed as Def Jam’s Executive & Strategic Consultant)


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Welcome back to Don’t Alert the Stans!

For the final episode of Season 6, it’s just Sope and Eden as Nic is feeling unwell. During the listens section, X-Factor alumni Shayne Ward and Leona Lewis have their careers randomly put under the microscope as a result of Eden’s recommendations 26:41). Kicking off the news agenda is VERZUS who have announced their newest battles between Eve and Trina in addition to Bow Wow and Soulja Boy. Puzzled, Sope considers whether these particular match ups make sense (41:12). Next up is GoldLink who used the announcement of his upcoming album ‘HARAM’ to once again fire lyrical shots at Sheck Wes, who at this point he’s been feuding with for a few years (01:02:55). Closing out the show is Snoop Dogg who’s been appointed as Def Jam’s new executive and strategic consultant. Sope notes that this partnership will only reap good fruit if he’s actually dedicated to working and building the artists on his roster. As opposed to it being a cosmetic role, leading to a conversation about Kanye West and Beyonce’s respective fashion lines. Looking at whether they are truly passionate about these projects or are they just boutique celebrity side hustles for the purpose of brand expansion (01:12:54).

Not one to miss!

Sope’s Listens For The Week:

  • Children of Zeus - Balance
  • Tiffany Evans - All Me
  • Lalah Hathaway - Let Go
  • Faith Evans - Something About Faith
  • Faith Evans - Faithfully

Nic’s Listens For The Week:

  • N/A

Eden’s Listens For The Week:

  • Children of Zeus - Balance
  • Mereba - Rider
  • Shayne Ward - Breathless, If That’s Okay With You, No U Hang Up
  • Eva Cassidy - Fields Of Gold




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