Ep 17: Baby Please Dont Go


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And we are back to the main story! We leave off after the stabbing of the Moakato father in front of his daughters and the reaction to the Red Oak army, a group of racist elves that even other elves hate. Joe forgets what a centaur is while Sean continues to take over for Julie’s character while away since she has a life and adult responsibilities. Tim keeps trying to take over her voice acting much to Sean’s irritation. Kyle needs to be retaught his warlock ability…. again. Si and The Unnamed Solder have a slight reunion and we learn that Jon and Kyle actually care about the Moakato family…. awwwwwww. There is also an elf that calls out everyone demanding they give him honor. Clearly this is a new antagonist for our heroes and will be here for many episodes to come.



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