Ep 22: Escape From Whisky Row


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Tepid gets a vision of great evil in the land as he tries to convinces everyone of the vision he had. Seb and Carolus jump into action to save the day! Unnamed (aka blankie) gets bored and wonders off to get a job as well as Kamilla looking for drugs. Eggzile starts some shit with some orcs and Tepid turns into an octopus.... again. I mean…. this town was supposed to last 20 minutes…. these assholes ignore major characters, plot points, and important items but hey…. lets spend 3 episodes in a town of 7 people! I’m sorry. I am tired. I shouldn’t be venting to you. Just… just enjoy the episode while I drink and cry. At least these guys really do have to escape from Whisky Row and talked to the locals for info. I’ll take that win. - Sean the DM.


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