Ep 24: The Gnomes, The Hedgehog, and the Moon


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Seb gets a sniper hit right off the bat and Sean the DM must explain a rule of permadeath. (If you drop into negative health the total of your max HP, you’re making a new character. Wait…. are those 5E rules or am I stealing them from another edition or game? Doesn’t matter, its in our world now because we like it. And I am not even sure these guys know there are resurrection options but I am sure they will figure it out at some point.) Seriously, Joe is really upset that specific character from the 4th of July special last year didn’t make it. Tim talks to a hedgehog and learns that you have to be specific with talking to animals. The team get beat down by rifle fire as they react accordingly. Si the elf priestess lets her feelings about Tim’s character be known. We also find out where these attackers are from and the heroes hint to torture not being off the table…

- Sean the DM.

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