Ep 26: Ghosts and Graverobbers


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Using a combination of Tepid’s natural Gnomish minor illusion and Camilla’s natural Teifling thermatology, they team up to try to interrogate the last surviving captured gnome into explaining why there are gnome special ops in a human area. Seb and Eggzile eventually team up for some interrogation in their own style with Joe as a player realizing he has been limiting his own power. The team talks about the plan of what to do with the ill Admiral Souldrinker until the talk about the buried loot comes up. Of course the team decides to split the party…. WHY WOULD THEY NOT SPLIT THE PARTY FOR THE 40TH TIME!!!! (sorry, got a little angry there… ignore that) Camilla, Eggzile, The Unnamed Solder and the NPCs travel to the next city as Tepid, Seb, and Carolus stay behind to form Vulture Crew! The Forward team works to conclude various side quests and get paid.

- Sean the DM.


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