Ep 29: Fade to Black


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The Eggzile (Joe) tries aquardly to get the attention of a fellow religious person who is praying at the same temple that he is. The stereptype that paladins have no game is examined in this encounter. He also does some extra praying to make sure that he is right with his god. Kamilla talks with the halfling woman some more after descovering her new ranger powers and makes it clear shes pissed about the rest of the team just leaving her in a strage bar in a strange city. She also tries to get more information about the disapearance of a race called Quarterlings but Jon and Tim can’t stop making jokes missing important information. Kumar finally makes a move with Si the Elf Priestist and Jon works his honeypot scheme with the mayor a little more. The team (except for Jon and Kumar) finally get into one place but its also the end of the recording so…. fuck….

Sean the DM.

Also, Jon Brown is doing commissions! If you want him to draw a custom character reach out to him at jonbrownart@gmail.com.


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