Ep 36: A Nearby Sidequest Part 2


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We continue to follow a group of new “heroes” in the sleepy little town of Jackport, that are not too far off from the city our main cast is currently destroying. We are introduced to Amanita Phalloide or Phallo for short, the Spore-cerer Human played by Tim! Joe takes up the mantel of the one eye, forehead horned, 8 foot tall Kolasal-Born known as Effington Titanus, the paladin of the god Spo Hol Le (that shouldn’t be a paladin, running theme?). Kumar takes the roll of Gneiss Schist, the hard drinking/hard fighting Dwarf Barbarian.

The team leaves the shopkeeper’s store that gave them bags of holding. They continue to follow the info given to them by the drunk minotaur and make a plan. They eventually make it to the village of Soto but will have to use every trained skill or underhanded move to get to the prize. Some works. Some doesn’t. There is fire at some point… Typical game…


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