Ep 37: A Nearby Sidequest Part 3


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We continue to follow a group of new “heroes” in the sleepy little town of Jackport, that are not too far off from the city our main cast is currently destroying. We are introduced to Amanita Phalloide or Phallo for short, the Spore-cerer Human played by Tim! Joe takes up the mantel of the one eye, forehead horned, 8 foot tall Kolasal-Born known as Effington Titanus, the paladin of the god Spo Hol Le (that shouldn’t be a paladin, running theme?). Kumar takes the roll of Gneiss Schist, the hard drinking/hard fighting Dwarf Barbarian.

The team encounter’s their goal and skillfully reach the objective. They weren’t counting on encountering something that no player has encountered in this world so far. Don’t worry, as usual our players do not ask questions and no answers are given. They just accept that this thing knows their names, motivations, and seemingly knows when danger is around. Not giving much away about the story, the players finally make their way into the Court of Bet’s End. After they walk into a local bar they hear an alarm bell being rung. Surely that has nothing to do with some Unnamed Solder. Little do they know, the Court of Bet’s End is the epicenter from where the entire world’s course of history will be changed. Tim keeps trying to end the story early as Sean tries to get them to the important final moment! With the offer of a job to these characters as well as events of the main story, the delicate balance of the world is about to shift...

I told you I don’t just do throwaway quests…..


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