4th of July Holiday Special 2020 Part 1: Five Primary Colors


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We start off the podcast with Joe’s kid being cute and shit. Tim then reminds the group of what happened last year and goes on how King George the Ringwyrm from “Ungland” is trying to retake the young country of MÜR’IKA. The characters give updates to what they have been up to and they meet the cast of characters. What could go wrong? How will these assholes ruin Tim’s continent of Demor Gaulando? Or will they save it?


Thank you to Jesus Gonzalez and Jon for their great work!

Tim did the flute music for the intro. Its the national anthem but done as well as someone who hasn’t played in 14 years can do.

Main Theme "Dumb Idea No 1 -Generic Dance of the Vegan Ogres" Used with permission By Jesus Gonzalez Site: theweatherdespots.wordpress.com

Credit Music: "Freaky Theme_longer" Used with permission By Jesus Gonzalez Site: theweatherdespots.wordpress.com

Thank you to Freesound.org for SFX used under Creative Commons 0 license unless otherwise listed. Please support the posters there as they are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts.

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