Halloween 2020 Pt 3: There Is A Risk To Hit Joe Or Tim


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It still the time of the year that gets spooky! (Would be better if this was on time, sorry. Real life sucks a lot!) We follow the Heroes of Pumpkin fest: Risssssssk Korth (Kumar) a lizardfolk that sees other races as meat, Obsidian Mudclot (Joe) a dwarf with a clockwork shotgun who’s volume is turned up to 12, Shoal Lusteen (Tim) a Human who claims to follow some god called Bainé, and special guest star Jesus Gonzalez who plays the Sorcerer Ayges a custom race called the Kupra Soldato (artificial race made by humans in the great human civil war) who is a necromancer and calls organics “Oxygen Breathers”.

The team encounters a ghost and drunk Sean forgets that Tim’s character has high armor…. again. Don’t drink kids…. They full on fight the ghost and try to merge a skeleton with it while figuring out why it is talking about melting and burning. They find a key that sets the events in motion that will bring them to the answers that they are seeking.


Thank you to Jesus Gonzalez and Jon for their great work!

Intro "halloween special 2019 - DumbIdeaNo1" Used with permission By Jesus Gonzalez Site: theweatherdespots.wordpress.com

Credit Music: "Freaky Theme_longer" Used with permission By Jesus Gonzalez Site: theweatherdespots.wordpress.com

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