Pumpkin Fest Pt 1: Attack of the Octo-Squashes


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We get introduced to our main charters: Risssssssk Korth (Kumar) a lizardfolk custom race that sees other races as meat, Obsidian Mudclot (Joe) a dwarf with a clockwork shotgun who’s volume is turned up to 12, Shoal Lusteen (Tim) a Human who claims to follow some god called Bainé, and special guest star Jesus Gonzalez who plays the Sorcerer Ayges a custom race called the Kupra Soldato (artificial race made by humans in the great human civil war) who is a necromancer that is not picky about using his powers in public. As they all go to sleep we are reminded of the classic dnd wisdom of keeping watch so things don’t sneak up and kill you. From there our players explore the mysterious happenings around the celebration grounds for pumpkin fest and learn more about each other. Including Joe’s dwarf that is, I guess, a sailor? Maybe he knows Souldrinker? Anyways, I wont spoil anything here but enjoy this stupidity while your kids go trick or treating. Unless it is in Chicago and its going to snow. In that case grab some glogg and enjoy us shooting pumpkin biased enemies.


Thank you to Jesus Gonzalez and Jon for their great work!

Intro "halloween special 2019 - DumbIdeaNo1" Used with permission By Jesus Gonzalez Site: theweatherdespots.wordpress.com

Credit Music: "Freaky Theme_longer" Used with permission By Jesus Gonzalez Site: theweatherdespots.wordpress.com

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