St Patrick's Day Episode 2020 prt 2: Melf and Wyn Make an ASMR


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So with the second part of our St Hasselhoff day, join our team as they are no longer in the continent of Demor Gaulando but a pocket dimension? Or it is just next to where they started, its kind of unclear. The group not only destroys the bathroom of the local bar but verbally harass the patrons there as well. They remind Kumar of bad things he has done in the main story (EP 33-34 in the future) and talk about what they have done in the last year since the last adventure. The blacksmith helps out the team and they of course treat him with the utmost respect. After leaving the blacksmith they return to the bar to get clues to find the legendary Manataur. But how far can they progress on just their charms alone? Also there is feet amputation. So a normal dnd game.

- Sean the DM.


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