Valentines Day 2020 Special Part 1: Deadbeats and Dragons


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We start another adventure run by Tim in the content to the east of our main story! We get introduced to characters in this exciting adventure including Crunchy Do-Gooder who is a Human Fighter played by Kumar (Hope you didn’t strain yourself thinking up that combo Kumar! - Sean the DM) , Bibitty Bumble the Gnomish Fighter/Warlock played by Sean (Stealing Kyle’s patron Mot the Infected Calf, he is not happy about that but I don’t care. I am now the first multi-class character!), Dragon-Joe Barb-cock Dragonborn Barbarian (this name is literal) , Daj-jal the Half-orc Rouge (our first edgelord!) with Kyle just sitting around talking shit. Daj-jal seems shocked to learn that Bibitty is a sexist pervert and Crunchy is stoned out of his mind. Dragon Joe tries to run from a previous paramour. They find a way to escape that leads them to a turtle that is… hopeful (Don’t Call Us Heroes: making fun of both sides (TM) ) Lets see how this group of friend look for their objective.

For the record it was Chinese New Year at time of recording, we know its not when this episode airs.


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