Valentines Day 2020 Special Part 3: Slaps and the Sea-Rexes


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The battle with the sirens comes to an end. Kyle leaves because he has adult things to do and can’t stay out all night due to work. DragonJoe beats the shit out of the crew because it reminds us of another character of Tim’s. Tim decides to be a cheeky bastard on the tart island. Bibitty mocks the captain who is not very observant while Dij-jal learns an effective way to deal with Bibitty’s sexist nature. And Crunchy Do-Gooder learns how to hotbox in clockwork underwater while they get attacked by deadly Sea-Rexes (it is what you think it is). Jon is reminded to give his backstory that he still has not shared as a edgelord is not a edgelord without 8 pages of typed single spaced backstory! (also Jon said he drew artwork for this character, ill see if i can get it out of him - Sean) Jon unfortunately has to leave at the end of the episode but with the adventure almost done, the question remains will these adventures save the day or will the mysterious villain behind all this win.


Thank you to Jesus Gonzalez and Jon Brown for their great work!

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