Valentines Day 2020 Special Part 4: Whip It Good


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With the last mission in sight, the group runs into an old enemy. Tim raises Sean’s blood pressure once again with showing off his Photoshop skills. After Tim talks some stupid shit they get introduced to Sunflower Whisky, who is the captain’s gf… we guess? I mean that captian should have said her name earlier. The leader attacks and the team quickly acts! The team also talks about possibly stealing the captains woman from him as he has done jack shit to save her. Bibbity even makes some friends! The exciting conclusion to the Valentines Day Special is now! And as usual the team has to negotiate their reward. And as a reminder, Tim said that The Cunning Linguist was unsinkable and fireproof and made of coral in the style of a MÜR’IKAIAN ship. Also Bibbity named his friend Merkin. Tim never said his name so Bibbity doesn’t care if it is he name or not! What will happen to these wondering fighters next in Tim’s continents of Demor Gaulando?


Thank you to Jesus Gonzalez and Jon Brown for their great work!

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