Episode 30: Corrine Priest


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Corrine Priest (Les Miserables) joins Christopher Bartlett-Walford to share the best listener audition confessions of the week. Those hilarious and embarrassing moments that happen in the casting room, that you DON'T normally get to hear! All anonymous & submitted by performers from around the globe. We share them to remember; It's OK for things to go wrong - it happens to us all and it's not a big deal! WHAT. A. WHOPPER. OF. A. SHOW. Whether you know Corrine from Les Mis, or her hilarious lockdown videos Ft the Sid Filter (see below!); join us as we find out just how disastrous a Drama School audition can be, when not to change your hair, how a tooth made a well known Director laugh, and where's the best toilets to get ready on Shaftesbury Avenue? Also - another stinker of a time when an actor had too much to drink before a recall - they're all coming out the woodwork now! It's a PACKED show, and you'll LOVE it. -- Email your audition stories into the show at dontcalluspod@gmail.com & Tell your friends to check us out! Follow the show on Instagram - @DontCallUsPod Follow the show on Twitter - @DontCallUsPod Watch highlights on TikTok - @DontCallUsPod Support the show by buying us a coffee - Ko-Fi.com/dontcalluspod -- Please Subscribe, and write a review on your podcast platform. It genuinely helps us be found by new listeners. Catch up with all previous episodes now - there'll be people you know, people you don't, and every show is full of terribly hilarious Audition stories. -- Listen to Corrine sing 'The Heart Of Winter' here - https://open.spotify.com/album/0AAuiIWFUBF9A7GLdToOFB?si=WFwbbfPXQlyBl1wYh8WWxg&nd=1 Watch her hilarious videos on Twitter and Instagram - @CorrinePriest -- Created and hosted by Christopher Bartlett-Walford Co-Produced & Artwork by John-Webb Carter With thanks to Jukedeck, Anchor & Zapsplat for Sounds #Actorslife #Casting #castingdirector #comedy #acting #actor #musicaltheatre #auditions #LesMis #LesMiserables #WestEnd #Musicals --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dontcalluspod/message

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