64. Bigmac In A Bowl Of Cheese


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Your hosts @curlemd(Nygel) and @jaydelnegro(Jay) are back for episode 64. Bigmac in a Bowl of Cheese - and in this episode we get into: - [ ] 2 Chainz and Mackenzie Scott reaching out to HBCUs with coins - [ ] Reporting Onlyfans workers to the IRS - [ ] A surfer out of Oregon and Sharks - [ ] Italy’s true sugar daddy - [ ] Cheeseballs everywhere - [ ] Arbys aren’t real businesses - [ ] PornHub’s Share with Facebook button All of that and a bunch of other filth flarn filth with a dash of concern including “YAS” “For Why” “Shooting Ppl Bail” “Gentle Judgement” and “Petition The Court” So join us in judgement and listen out for another fantastic episode of the Don’t Jude Me Podcast, just as long as you Don’t Judge Me for judging you. Support the show for as little as $1 per month: https://anchor.fm/dontjudgepod/support *Email us at DontJudgePod@gmail.com *Leave us a voicemail at 410-834-1562 *Follow us on IG @dontJudgePod *Visit our YouTube page by searching for Dont Judge Me Podcast Comment and Rate us on iTunes, Soundcloud, AnchorFM or wherever you’re listening to us at.

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