James Altucher on How to Skip the Line & Master the Life You Desire


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How can you build mastery without spending 10,000 hours on developing your craft? James Altucher, writer, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, investor and chess master has spent his life as a human guinea pig to discover the key of achieving your dream. He shares how to find the upside of "failed" experiments, how to assess and manage risk, why it's a good sign when you're scared to hit publish, and how giving abundantly builds abundance. - Get your copy of James's book Skip the Line! https://bit.ly/308NljZ - Follow James on Instagram @altucher and Twitter @jaltucher - Listen to The James Altucher Show wherever you listen to podcasts! - Read James' blog https://jamesaltucher.com/ - Thanks Audible! Audible.com/dreamjob or text dreamjob to 500500 to start your free 30-day trial

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