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As a mom of three, Lynne Jackson struggled to maintain the order and perfection she expected to have in her life. Conflicts with her oldest son especially left her feeling defeated, angry and fearful of the future. The Lord was speaking to me one day about some of these beliefs that I had. And in Ephesians 4:15, it talks about speaking the truth in love. And I felt like I heard his voice say, you are not speaking the truth in love to yourself, about you and your kids. And then I went on a journey to figure out what was really true. Lynne shares how she learned to fight back against the toxic lies she believed about herself and her kids with God’s truth. We talk about practical ways we can take time to process our feelings with God and with others so we can let go of expectations that hurt our families and can find freedom in our identity in Christ. The goal to have perfect kids and be a perfect mom is just a setup for anger and despair. And it's actually idolatry. The real truth that helps us let go of that chronic anger is it's my job to parent wisely. My kid's job is to learn over time, to respond wisely. And that's a process. Connect with Lynne: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @connectedfams Links Mentioned: You are a daughter of the King speech in PDF formTruth, Trash, Treasure blog postGrace and Truth for Moms Online CourseDiscipline that Connects Fall 2020 Course --- use code "DMA" to save 15% off registrationJournal page from the mom Lynne mentioned: More Episodes with the Jacksons: Ep 200 The Entitlement Fix :: Jim and Lynne JacksonBonus Mentor Episode–Resolving Sibling Conflict :: Jim and Lynne JacksonEp 221 Discipline 101 :: Jim and Lynne JacksonEp 222 Connected Relationships :: Jim and Lynne Jackson Ep 258 Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues :: Lynne Jackson Featured Sponsors: Sunbasket --get $35 off your first order at Acorn TV -- try it free for 30 days with code: dma BetterHelp --get 10% off your first month

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