Practicing Faith Through Fear :: Dominique Young [Ep 295]


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As minister and mom of one with another child on the way, Dominique Young looked like she had it all together — great job, great family, great ministry. But a few months into her second pregnancy she started experiencing postpartum psychosis, high anxiety and began hearing voices. The feelings she always tried to mask or hide behind helpful scriptures could not be controlled anymore, but she started to find breakthrough when she learned that her real problem was fear. “I always thought faith was easy. If I just said something and I kept moving, then God, on the back end, without my knowledge would take out all the fear. All I had to do is quote enough scripture. And what God began to show me is that he wanted me to have faith that he is God, so that I could just be human.” We talk about her experience of getting a new perspective on faith, learning to experience emotions in a healthy way, and allowing herself to rely on others more and she started her journey toward health and wholeness. Now, she helps other moms do the same with her online community of Faith Mamas. Connect with Dominique Young: Website: faithmamas.orgFacebook: Instagram: @faithmamastribe Links Mentioned: Devotions and Bible Study Information from Faith MamasFaith Mamas Podcast Featured Sponsors: BetterHelp -- get 10% off your first month -- -- get two weeks free of meal plans --

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