Sexual Identity and Radical Ordinary Hospitality :: Dr. Rosaria Butterfield [Ep 301]


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Several listeners recommended Dr. Rosaria Butterfield as a guest on our recent survey. I’m so glad you did! Dr. Butterfield shares about her former life as a lesbian and professor of queer theory. In a quest to understand why Christians hated her, a neighbor introduced her Christ. Now she is an author, speaker, pastor’s wife, adoptive mother of four and gospel advocate to her neighbors. She is passionate about helping Christians lovingly look past labels of sexual identity and share the gospel effectively. “So if you know that you have neighbors who identify as lesbian. Don't avoid them. That's not what Christian neighbors do. You know? I think we really do need to see these things head on. Don't be afraid to listen to what people's concerns are and then speak a word in season. I would say too that Christians don't throw people away. We shouldn't be known for people who throw people away because they're inconvenient.” We talk about a lot of subjects that can be difficult for us as moms to discuss, but also about how important it is that we have conversations with our kids about sexual identity, the Gospel and who God made them to be. “The first thing is as Christian parents, if you don't talk to your children about sexuality, Someone else will. So while we want to maintain modesty and care and age appropriateness, we absolutely do not want to shirk this responsibility. We need to foreground the beauty and the majesty and the calling of what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman.” Connect with Dr. Butterfield: Website: Links Mentioned: Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters**The Birds and Bees Curriculum When to Have “the Talk” :: Mary Flo Ridley [Encore Podcast]Birds and Bees (Continuing the Conversation) :: Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson [Ep 153]Preparing Now for Future Puberty and Masturbation Questions :: Mary Flo and Megan [Ep 243] Dr. Butterfield’s Books: The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert**Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ **The Gospel Comes with a House Key** Featured Sponsors: AncestryHealth -- get a kit to determine your genetic risk at Basket -- get $35 off your first order at use promo code DMA

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