Redge’s Spring Awakening


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Winter is over and the renewal of spring is here! Jonathan hosts a vernal equinox celebration for all the characters in his stories, but Mr. Redge gasps at the guest list because only the villains have RSVPed! Should he really judge these scoundrels by their stories? Party on with Redge as he discovers that they’ve pledged to stop their dastardly deeds and change their wicked ways. Can the Witch, Rumpelstiltskin, and Big Bad Wolf awaken him to golden truths that will blow him away?

LESSONS LEARNED: This episode explains the vernal equinox and how spring is a season of renewal. It also emphasizes that we shouldn’t judge others—everyone has the potential to change, do better, and grow in character.

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This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Today’s story was written by Amy Thompson and performed by Jonathan Cormur. Sound recording and production by Jermaine Hamilton at Studio Circle Recordings.

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