#231: EVO Ends But Brings New Trailers, Patches, Results and More!


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On the latest episode of Double Tap, Crashtag and StaticGorilla check out the latest news in the FGC post EVO online. In the Fighters Corner, Melty Blood reveals a gameplay trailer of Kohaku, KOF reveals a trailer for Antonov, Guilty Gear Strive reveals Jack-O trailer and Samurai Shodown reveals their special guest Baiken. Then, Street Fighter V finally drop Oro and Akira, but also reveal a patch for the game. In the Randoms of the FGC, EVO 2022 is announced, Harada's Bar has Sakurai as a special guest, TNS Chicago was a success and the Pokemon Cup Pokken Tournament DX event concludes. Next in the Focus Attack, we look at the results of EVO, but specifically within Guilty Gear Strive and the thoughts on the online aspect of the game in regards to competition. Finally, Crashtag brings in his favorite mods for this week's highlights.
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