Ep 84: How To Pull Yourself Out of Stress And Burnout With Steve Adams


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Steve Adams had built a highly successful business, but it nearly cost him his health and his family. His high level of stress was slowly killing him and he needed to act quickly to save his marriage and his life. After walking away from his business he went on a quest to learn the science behind stress and burnout. While on this journey he discovered the secrets of how to combat stress and shares how he regained his health, focus, and passion.

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You'll Learn
  • The top 5 warning signs that you need to take your stress seriously
  • What are the 2 fundamental factors you can focus on to help you physically overcome stress
  • Learn how to eliminate burnout & distraction while reducing stress.
  • What factors are killing your concentration (and the secret to maximizing it)
Guest Bio

Steve is a former corporate banker and veteran entrepreneur. Steve grew up in Lansing, Michigan as the son of an autoworker. He went on to university and became the first college graduate and MBA in his family. His passion lies in building and scaling organizations through disciplined execution, direct-response marketing, and culture creation that leads to extraordinary client experiences. This book came from the solution to his own experience with stress and burnout while building a $100 million company and is a hopeful solution to others experiencing the same.

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