Episode 492 - June Brides (Michael Shayne, Box 13, & This is Your FBI)


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June has historically meant weddings, and we're celebrating happy couples everywhere with three wedding-themed old time radio mysteries. First, Wally Maher is Michael Shayne who attends a wedding and discovers the father of the bride has been poisoned (originally aired on Mutual on May 14, 1945). Then, Dan Holiday poses for a picture with a woman and finds himself engaged to a $15 million fortune. Alan Ladd stars in "Look Pleasant, Please," a syndicated mystery from Box 13. And finally, Special Agent Jim Taylor (Stacy Harris) leads the hunt for a pair of swindlers running a marriage racket on sailors and soldiers. We'll hear "The Traveling Bride" from This is Your FBI (originally aired on November 9, 1951).

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