#109 | June Q&A: Confessions From Our Community; Postpartum Blues; Premature Rupture of Membranes; Breastfeeding & Oversupply; Changing Providers if High Risk; Pain Management; Foods in Labor; Making Hospital Feel Homey


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We have a fun and informative Q&A episode for you this month! We kick it off with confessions and shares from our Instagram community related to: Comments from our own mothers after we give birth; Finding community when we have none; Fear of intrusive thoughts; What constitutes too much crying postpartum; Fear of managing the "pain" of labor; Best food choices for labor and more.
Next we dive deeper into our questions of the month including the topics of: Premature Rupture of Membranes; Breastfeeding problems related to having too much milk and a strong Milk Ejection Reflex; How to make your hospital birth environment feel more like a home birth; and, if and how to change providers when you are high risk.
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