Fabien Barel’s 2020 Review, Ultimate Trail Bikes, 2021 and More


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Fabien Barel clearly has a huge passion, energy and deep understanding of our sport. Today we’re catching up with Fabien on the 2020 season and finding out how he feels his enduro and downhill teams got on. He shares some tips on how to increase your peak speed on the bike. We chat about his thoughts on the evolution of the do it all trail bike, and where he sees that going in the future. We also get Fab’s thoughts on the 2021 season and what we’ve got in store. So hit play above and listen to this episode with Fabien Barel. You can find Fabien on Instagram @fabienbarel. Supporting Partners Canyon Bikes This episode is supported by Canyon Bikes. If you're thinking about a new downhill bike for the 2021 season and beyond, then the Canyon Sender is well worth a look. My favourite day of riding from the whole of last year was on that bike. It's an incredibly capable downhill bike with world cup level spec for the same price as a lot of mid-spec trail or enduro bikes. I found it really easy to get used to, which is helped by the fact that's it's so light. It's also the quietest bike I've ever ridden. I'm not the most talented rider, but it enabled me to ride those trails with confidence, always knowing that the bike had my back. If a new downhill bike is on your list, then head over to canyon.com now and check them out. We Are One Composites This episode is supported by We Are One Composites. We Are One have been big supporters of what I’m doing from the start, and for that I’m really grateful. They also make amazing carbon fibre wheels which are hand made in Canada, and have recently added their DaPackage bar and stem to their line up. I’m running their Faction 29er rims on my bike, and they look and feel amazing. They’ve managed to find the sweet spot between stiffness and compliance, making a wheel that tracks, but doesn’t feel harsh to ride. They’ve got a whole line up of wheels, so there is always something to suit your needs. Head to weareonecomposites.com and check out what they have to offer. If you’re tempted, then as a Downtime listener, they are offering you 15% off during January. All you need to do is enter the code ‘2021herewego‘ at the checkout. Podcast Stuff If you want to support the podcast, and represent, then my webstore is the place to head. All products are 100% organic, shipped without plastics, and made with a supply chain that's using renewable energy. So check it out now over at downtimepodcast.com/shop. The new t-shirts are super soft and a lovely fit, so treat yourself and help the podcast at the same time. We've got sweatshirts and hoodies too! For everything video, including riding videos, bike checks and more, subscribe over at youtube.com/downtimemountainbikepodcast. Are you enjoying the podcast? If so, then don’t forget to subscribe. It’s free and means you’ll get every episode delivered to your device as soon as it’s available. You'll find all the links you need at downtimepodcast.com/subscribe. You can find us on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google and most of the podcast apps out there. While you're there, why not join our newsletter, to get our Weekend Warm-Up email every Friday, full of interesting bike-related stuff, competitions, product recommendations and more. If you want to share tips and advice with other podcast listeners on anything mountain bike related, you can join our Facebook group, head to www.facebook.com/groups/mtbperformance/ request permission to join the group and get involved! Our back catalogue of amazing episodes is available at downtimepodcast.com/episodes Photo - Boris Beyer

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