Racism in Mountain Biking – How Are We Doing?


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Is racism an issue in mountain biking? Why are people of colour so underrepresented in the sport? In order to find out, I'm joined by Eliot Jackson and Phil Young to talk about diversity and racism in mountain biking, find out how we are doing and what needs to change. Eliot has recently started the Grow Foundation specifically to increase diversity in cycling and Phil has spent a lot of time working on this challenge across the outdoor sports industry, so they are the perfect people to talk to on this topic. We chat about their own experiences growing up in the outdoor sports world. About why people of colour are so underrepresented in our sport, what benefits could be had from doing something about this, and how brands should be approaching it. We also talk about what we can all do to help. I really enjoyed this chat and learned so much along the way, so a massive thanks to Eliot and Phil for taking part and being so open. If you find this conversation interesting, and relevant, then please please share it with your friends. The more people that we can get to listen to this episode the better! So sit back, hit play above, and give this episode with Eliot Jackson and Phil Young a listen. You can follow Eliot on Instagram @eliotjackson and Phil @philskills. Resources Grow Cycling Foundation is here. Book recommendation - Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge, buy here or read the original Guardian long read here. Eliot's instagram video on the topic is here. Phil's awesome article on Mpora is here. 13th is on Netflix here. Check out Legion of LA on Instagram @l39ion.la and read an article about them here. Supporting Partners Cotic This episode is supported by Cotic Bikes, and I've been riding their awesome RocketMAX for around 6 months now. It is hands down the fastest and most fun bike I've ever ridden, and I guarantee I'm not the only Cotic owner who feels that way. To check out all they have to offer, just head over to cotic.co.uk. To see the RocketMAX in particular, click here to head straight to the product page. Crankbrothers This episode is supported by Crankbrothers, and for the next few episodes, I'm going to be telling you about my experience of going back to being clipped in after over 25 years, using their Mallet DH pedals. To check out their entire range, head to crankbrothers.com, and if you'd like to be in with the chance of winning a pair of Crankbrothers clip-in pedals of your choice, along with their new M20 multi-tool to install them with, just head here. There will be 3 lucky winners chosen after the competition closes on 31st October 2020. Podcast Stuff My webstore is BACK! It's brand new, with new designs, lower prices and faster shipping. All products are 100% organic, shipped without plastics, and made with a supply chain that's using renewable energy. So check it out now over at downtimepodcast.com/shop. The new t-shirts are super soft and a lovely fit, so treat yourself and help the podcast at the same time. We've now got sweatshirts and hoodies too! For everything video, including riding videos, bike checks and more, subscribe over at youtube.com/downtimemountainbikepodcast. Are you enjoying the podcast? If so, then don’t forget to subscribe. It’s free and means you’ll get every episode delivered to your device as soon as it’s available. All the links you need are at downtimepodcast.com/subscribe. You can find us on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google and most of the podcast apps out there. While you're there, why not join our newsletter, to get our Weekend Warm-Up email every Friday. It's full of interesting bike-related stuff, competitions, product recommendations and more. If you want to share tips and advice with other podcast listeners on anything mountain bike related, you can join our Facebook group, head to www.facebook.com/groups/mtbperformance/ request permission to join the group and get ...

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