How Health Insurance Is Priced: Actuaries and Underwriters Look at Group vs. Individual Risk


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#010 - Learn how your health insurance is priced by actuaries and underwriters as they look at group vs. individual risk.
Health Care is not health insurance! Our mantra! Our cry!
Don't let anyone fool you......your health insurance coverage is for you, not anyone else. Your health insurance transfers your risk of financial burden to the insurance company in the event of an unforeseen accident or sickness. The payment is to you by way of your contract with the insurance company or your employer's contract with the insurance company.
Think of actuaries as fashion designers like Versace, Dior or Ralph Lauren.
Think of underwriters as the tailors who mold the fashions specifically to each man and woman who wear each and every design.
Get the Doxcost infographic that illustrates how each dollar of your premium is allocated to each player in the delivery or your policy and payment of your claim.
Join us next time as we continue to discuss how your health insurance is priced and why it matters to you.
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