EP 151 - Hungry For Happy - Nathalie Botros


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Nathalie Botros, a Psychotherapist and Life Coach, who is also certified as a Holistic Health Coach with a specialization in Hormones.

She was born in Lebanon, raised in Turkey and educated in Switzerland. She played and worked in Italy before eventually landing in New York City, where she lives today.

When she moved to New York, 15 years ago, she experienced the biggest weight gain of her life. She stopped running and started being obsessed with her weight. She started trying every diet on the market. Her fixation was so big that she started to get angry and depressed. After hitting rock bottom, she decided to take over her life. She blew up her destructive patterns of self-hate and disappointment and created a new approach to self-love and acceptance.

Today Nathalie helps clients FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD to be happy, healthy and successful through her coaching programs, motivational speaking and publications.

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