The Health Benefits of Hemp – A Conversation with Derrick DeSilva, MD


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It seems there is a new CBD store popping up on every corner these days! With so many different varieties – each having a different effect on the body – it is important to know what you are investing in and make sure it is a tested and certified product. There are actually 400 different cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. The difference between CBD oil and Full Spectrum Hemp oil is that CBD oil only uses a small portion of the plant’s nutrients. Full Spectrum Hemp oil utilizes the whole plant and all of it’s oils, vitamins, minerals, etc. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is also complete water soluble and is easily absorbed into your blood stream. CBD oils is absorbed at about 3-6% while Full Spectrum Hemp oil is absorbed at over 50%. Applications for Full Spectrum Hemp Oil are joint discomfort, anxiety, and sleep. Like CBD oil, Full Spectrum Hemp oil is non-psychotropic and does not contain THC. Join Dr. Hotze and his guest today, Dr. Derrick DeSilva, an Internal Medicine doctor from the Raritan Bay Medical Center in New Jersey. Dr. DeSilva discusses the difference between CBD oil and Full Spectrum Hemp oil. The Full Spectrum Hemp oil that Dr. DeSilva has produced is fully tested by Independent 3rd Party laboratories and available at Hotze Vitamins. They are safe, effective, and easy to use. Just a little goes a long way to getting you back to yourself again! Watch now and subscribe to our podcasts at If you have any of the signs and symptoms mentioned on this podcast, take our free symptom checker test at For more information about Dr. Desilva’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, go to

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