S2E4 - Rhinestones on My Face! ft. Landon Cider


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We have Landon Cider, the studly, glamorous, ghoulish Drag King and winner of Season 3 of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula! Landon is the first drag king to win a televised drag competition in the US. We hear from him about the countless talented kings that have preceded Landon, the fantasy of masculinity (it’s more than just grabbing your dick and waving it around!) and the inspiration behind Landon and how he fell in love with the transformative elements of makeup.

We ask about being in a successful relationship while being a drag artist and performer. Also, why is Marc always picking on RuPaul? We get Landon’s take on representation on RPDR. Listen in to hear more about Landon’s full digital video contributions to the Biqtch Puddiń’s digital drag revue, once a month on Twitch! #dragking

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