S2E5 - Six Degrees of Bruce Vilanch ft. Bruce Vilanch


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We have the EGOT of awards show writers! It’s Bruce Vilanch! You might know him from the 90’s reboot of Hollywood Squares, or his contributions to Bette Midler’s shows such as “Clams on the Half Shell” or “Divine Madness.” He has been a recurring guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but we have him all to ourselves this week.

We talk to him about what’s good on the streams, including his contributions to the fantastic documentary The Fabulous Allan Carr, and he gives us some insight into working with Allan on the infamous 1989 Oscars. He tells us all about the good stuff that got cut from the show and what inspired some of the cringier moments.

We ask Bruce about his love affair with the Castro Theatre in San Francisco; he confirms it’s still the best place to see an old Hollywood movie. Then we get Bruce’s take on the Ryan Murphy reboot of The Boys in the Band. Listen in for a really sweet time.

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