002 - It's a Plate!


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This week it was like Geek Christmas morning as we all stumbled out out bed bleary eyed and sat down to the computer to open up our Star Trek gifts in the form of two Comic-Con panels hosted by Commander Ransom himself, Jerry O’Connell.

First off we learned more about the world of Star Trek: Prodigy! We heard about the characters, the voice talents and got a teaser trailer showcasing the world and the latest Trek hero ship, the USS Protostar

And of course the 'scrappy underdogs' can’t be left out! We got an easter-egg/callback laden two minute trailer for Star Trek: Lower Decks as well as predictably off the rails banter from the cast and crew.

So Join Aaron Harvey and Jessie Gender for analysis, commentary and lots of squeeing! And remember when in doubt, blame the Temporal Wars!

You can find us on Social Media at : Aaron Harvey: @geekfilter Jessie Gender: @JessieGender

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