ENFP Compatibility in 5 Minutes


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Who is an ENFP most compatible with in relationships? These 5 minutes could change your life.

I've talked about my own experiences as an ENFP personality with other MBTI types, such as INTJ and ENFJ, many times on this channel. Whether in a boardroom or in a bedroom, if your MBTI personality is ENFP, there are some MBTI personalities you're highly compatible with...and others that will drive you crazy in a relationship!

So what MBTI personality types is ENFP most compatible with?

In this episode, I discuss some popular combinations including ENFP, and INTJ INFJ and ENFP, INFP and ENFP, ENFJ and ENFP, and two ENFPs dating.

I'm discussing some questions you must ask yourself if you're an ENFP who wants to find their ideal ENFP MBTI match, whether that is a love or business partner.

16 personalities compatibility is an extensive topic, so if you want to learn more about who you're most compatible with in your ENFP dating and relationships, you can find The Complete Guide To MBTI Compatibility in Dating and Relationships which includes a simplified Myers Briggs Type compatibility chart here: https://www.dreamsaroundtheworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Myers_Briggs_Type_Compatibility_Chart.pdf

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