Interview - Jordan Gruber, co-author of "Your Symphony of Selves"


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Listen Now to Jordan Gruber on “Your Symphony of Selves.”

When you argue with yourself, with whom are you interacting? Is our inner dialog possibly consorting with sub-personalities in our psyche that actually exist? In our interview Jordan questions the “Single Self Assumption,” as it is known in modern psychological circles, and gives us a fresh view of how it just may be normal to have a multiplicity of selves, a healthy balance of which create our conscious awareness.

Co-authored with Dr. James Fadiman, “Your Symphony of Selves” suggests that we can update our understanding of self to better function in today’s world by embracing our own internal multiplicity of being. They point out that this is not a new idea, but was seriously considered by 19th century mind scientists like William James and Jean-Martin Charcot. They believe it is time for us to revisit such a fundamental concept in our modern complex time. Enjoy as we explore this tantalizing topic of self-discovery.

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